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General Pests

Is it safe?

Yes. The chemicals used today have a low concentrate of active ingredients but are still effective in controlling your pest issues.

Is it safe around my pets?

Yes. For the same reasons as noted above, it is safe for pets to be around. However, there ARE a few circumstances (regarding fleas, ticks and rodents) where pets are a consideration for how we treat your home.

What is your “Outside Defense Service?”

Our experience has shown that the technology combined with the makeup of the chemicals used today allow us to prevent pests from entering your home by treating outside of the home.

Can you spray inside my home?

Yes. If we feel that treating inside your home is needed, or if you specifically request us to, we are happy to treat inside your home. And, again, the chemicals we use are perfectly safe inside or outside the home.

How long does the treatment last?

This is probably THE most common question. The answer to this question has many factors to consider. Weather conditions (sun, rain, hot, cold) can plays a role in determining how long a particular treatment will remain effective.


How does Termidor® work?

Termidor is an advanced technology liquid called nonrepellent.This means termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid it. Instead, they come in contact, ingest & share the chemical with all the termites in the colony.

Do you use baiting systems?

No. Termidor® works the same way and is less expensive than baiting systems. More than the cost factor, though, baiting can take up to 6 months to work.

Will it make my home smell?

No. Termidor® is odor free.

Is it safe?

Yes. Termidor is one of the safest termiticides on the market today.


Where do mosquitos come from?

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, where the adults lay their eggs and the larvae hatch and develop. Because mosquitoes must have water to complete their life cycle, treating sources of water is important to prevent the larvae from becoming breeding, biting, and potentially disease-carrying adults.

Are the mosquitos I see on my property from places on my property?

In general, yes. Most mosquitoes you see are from your property or your neighbors'. Mosquitoes usually stay close to the area where they developed into adults. There are mosquito species, however, that can fly several miles. Counties and municipalities pay the most attention to these.

Can't we just spray when we see mosquitos?

We do spray to kill the adult, biting mosquitoes. By the time you see them, however, several hundred mosquitoes have already emerged from water sources as adults. It's much better to stop them before that point, with a larvicide that prevents mosquitoes from developing.

What about wildlife and fish in ponds or streams?

We have products that target only insects. They are not harmful to fish, pets or wildlife when used according to the label directions.

Why are regular treatments necessary?

Mosquitos develop, mature and lay eggs in standing water whenever conditions are right, which is quite often in warmer months. Regular treatments are recommended whenever conditions are suitable for mosquito reproduction.

How many months per year should we treat?

Treatment should begin as soon as the temperature regularly is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and should continue into the fall.

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